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The purpose of Cass Blockchain Society is to raise people’s awareness about the upcoming revolution initiated by the Blockchain Technology. We are going to reach this goal through the interaction with the world's leading experts and innovators in that domain.

As a society, we don’t only want to concentrate on organizing the events. We want to give you much more. Since it’s very important to understand what Blockchain is, our society will be cooperating with world’s leading institutions researching the applications of the Blockchain Technology. Hence, we will provide an access to many online courses where you will be able to go more in depth and get an official certificate. What is more, throughout the last year we have networked with ‘100 Most Influential Blockchain People in the World’ with whom we will be soon conducting interviews on different topics connected with the Blockchain. All of these videos will be available to you, so that you can gain knowledge from the experience of world’s leading experts.

It’s been 8 years since that revolutionary technology has been developed by the unknown Satoshi Nakamoto and his Bitcoin distributed ledger. Yet, it is only now that institutions, companies and governments have realized that they have to ‘join the accelerating train’ because if not, they will become extinct. Experts say that in 10 years, over 90% of the businesses will be done using Blockchain technology without necessary knowing about it.
By 2025, $9trillion will be stored on platforms based on the Blockchain. It will disrupt all industries, becoming the 2nd building block of 21st century.
Smart contracts, digital intellectual property, voting rights, land registers, and traceable supply chains are just few of its many implementations.

The revolution has already begun.
Do not stay behind.
Learn about the Blockchain importance and join us on the journey to the future.

The future of Blockchain.