Book Launch - The Future of the Corporation

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Panel Discussion

Fri, 30 Jun 2017

4:00 PM – 7:00 PM

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Cass Business School, 106 Bunhill Row

106 Bunhill Row, London EC1Y 8TZ, UK

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Speaker: Joel Bakan

Corporations are among the most powerful entities in the world. They are larger than many national governments, employ millions world wide and we rely on them. Yet according to some the modern corporation is in decline. During this event, we want to explore the present and future of the corporation. Will corporations disappear and be replaced by something else? Or will they continue to dominate the world?

The event will celebrate the launch of the pathbreaking book ‘The Corporation: A critical, interdisciplinary handbook’, published by Cambridge University Press. It includes contributions from over 50 leading researchers from around the world and brings together scholar from all major scholarly fields on the corporation. Further information about the book can be found via this link: http://www.cambridge.org/catalogue/catalogue.asp?isbn=9781107073111.

The event will feature our very special guest, Joel Bakan. He is professor of law at the University of British Columbia. His book, The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power (2004), was a bestseller in several countries, widely translated, and the basis of an award-winning feature documentary film, The Corporation (which he wrote and co-created). Other notable works are Just Words: Constitutional Rights and Social Wrongs (1997) and Childhood Under Siege: How Big Business Targets Children (2012). In addition to being a writer and academic, Bakan is also a public speaker, consultant, and jazz guitarist. He lives with his wife, Rebecca Jenkins, in Vancouver, Canada.

Bakan will talk about the sequel to his best selling book ‘The Corporation’. The Corporation book and film were released in 2004. In a follow-up book and film Bakan is writing and co-directing for release in late 2018, he asks whether and how the corporation’s story – its present and future, and its relationship to society – has changed over the last dozen years, and what are the implications of that change for creating democratic, just, and sustainable societies. His talk will focus on these questions and the new project more generally.

Dr Grietje Baars, Senior Lecturer, City Law School, City, University of London
Professor Andre Spicer, Professor of Organisational Behaviour, Cass Business School, City, University of London

A panel of experts from City, Univeristy of London will respond to Joel’s talk.

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Cass Business School, 106 Bunhill Row

106 Bunhill Row, London EC1Y 8TZ, UK

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